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Ageing room

The experience gained over the years, allows the use wooden barrels for the ageing of the most important wine for us: the Raboso Piave.
Thanks to the important acidity, it is an Ideal variety to laying down. 
Our 35 HL barrels, with a different kind of toasting, can “break” this wine giving virtue and refined. Raboso Passito ageing takes palce in french barriques, which give a final product used for Our Malanotte DOCG.


Azienda Agricola Casa Roma S.S. Società Agricola

Via Ormelle, 19 - 31020
San Polo di Piave - Treviso - Italia
Tel. +39 0422 855339
P.IVA 02066870268

  Campaign financed according to EC regulation n. 1308/13