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Situated in a thousand years of winegrowing renowned zone, Casa Roma joints to international wines production, the protection of local vine, devoting times and resources. Vines like Raboso Piave, Manzoni Bianco represent the excellence of Marca Trevigiana, combined with the rare Marzemina Bianca. Certainly we cannot forget the cultivation of Glera grapes, which in stony soil of Piave River, find the best expression in Prosecco DOC TREVISO production.

Casa Roma la storia Casa Roma la storia


In the lands which at one time belonged to the Serenissima Republic, then to the ancient Papadopoli Family from Crete, in 1958 Peruzzetto family, winegrowing generation with a strong bond to this, built “Casa Roma”. Located in a area that the river made rich, the old Country House, the centre and beginning of a new vision for local wine growing all over the World.


The Values are as much part of the Land as the Vines themselves and they are cultivated with the passion and the respect for the Nature, in organic agriculture conversion from 2016 harvest. The love for traditions and the readiness to experiment, leaded to cultivate the resistant variety. This Challenge requires safeguarding and developing of the area’s native vine, such as Raboso Piave, Manzoni Bianco, and traditional international wines, a journey that can only be possible if genuine ethics are applied to achieve true quality.
Casa Roma Luigi Peruzzetto Casa Roma Luigi Peruzzetto


Who, like me, borned in the heart of Piave Valley, from the childhood brings with him the memories of lush vineyards, growing through a full shingles land, usually crossed by little waterways. In this environment the vine developed and shaped during the centuries the land’s image. A vine with its green colour evolving through Spring season, to turn in various colours between the end of Summer and the beginning of Autumn when the harvest time arrives and the air fills up with the grape must flavor first and then with wine fragrance. Who lives here, certainly falls in love with culture, wine tradition and with the whole feelings around them. Who asks me why I choose to produce wine, I just answer with this simple thoughts. That’s why I decided to attend the Enological School of Conegliano for my personal education, and I still research to construe the wine as a land son, respecting the typical features of each variety. For me wine is emotion and passion.


Azienda Agricola Casa Roma S.S. Società Agricola

Via Ormelle, 19 - 31020
San Polo di Piave - Treviso - Italia
Tel. +39 0422 855339
P.IVA 02066870268

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